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These plants are relatively easy to grow and can be taken outside in our northern climate they love it but it has to be done right! put them in the shade for a week then slowly introduce them to brighter slight over a couple of weeks
Do not allow them to freeze so bring them in before it freezes or that it is it!
How do you grow orchid cactus they all like lots of sun so bright to moderate sun. They don't like hot dry conditions in the house. They are like a Christmas cactus keep them on the cooler side and in a bright window. I fertilize periodically with 20-20-20  11-51-0 the first one for nice growth and the second for flowering. The red one flowers lots twice a year in spring and late to early fall so does the pink one.
Don't start really babying them when they are going to flower or are flowering. Light watering at this time but do allow to dry out heavy watering can cause the buds to fall off same with christmas cactus. In fact if you can grow one you can grow the other.

How big will they grow? I just came back from Miami Florida and I saw some growing in the trees that were 20 or more feet long they were not flowering but had grown right into the trunks of the trees. I am not sure when they flower there.

There are over 1500 cultivars so I have read. I only have 30 or so cultivars but I can ship you cuttings, rooted cuttings, large  plants etc like the red one I have quite a few of the pink ones in the med size plants

cuttings unrooted $10 each min 5

rooted plants in 3 inch pots $16 each min 4

med rooted plants blooming size $25 min 2 [middle plant]

Large plants several shoots $50 several pink ones [like one in clay pot]

Jumbo plants $100 {like big red above and two queen of night  3 feet tall]
This one just flowered 

This is called queeen of night and the plant is a monster
about 4 feet tall and growing a real conversation piece $100
These are rooted to Medium plants above we have about 30 different cultivars not a lot of the jumbo plants but a few and many of the  Left above this one flowered in spring 06 deep pink large bloom Left below flowered again this winter and it set seed a small unique flower
this is the queen of night large white the plant is huge a real conversation piece
This page was last updated on: May 18, 2009
We have jumbo Christmas cactus in four colors pink, red,cream,and light pink  starting at $25 They are spectacular in flower and last for a month they usually flower like this twice a year they prefer cooler conditons and are easy to care for bright light is good
the plants just keep getting bigger and like to go outside for the summer no frost tolerance and adjust them to full sun slowly or they burn!
I call this a star Christmas cactus this type closes its flowers at night. They are a little trickier to get to flower
this is a large one and is sold for $50 ea
Queen of Night gets to be a major monster in size but is an interesting conversation piece
it flowers at night is fragrant and a real challenge all around
3 foot plant $100 cuttings $10
below close up of branch
This pink orchid cactus is a hanging type and flowers a lots one very nice thing about it is the flower process takes a long time and you can enjoy the pink blossoms for about a week or more the flower is about 3 inches long when it is finished growing.  In this photo on the right see the pink bud that is at least a week to ten days away from the fully opened one. I don't think you should water them much when they flower. Watering can cause bud drop and premature wilting. I have lots of this one. One of my parent plants was about 4 feet long and would get about 50 flowers on it twice a year. Very good bloomer!